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Welcome to AbuElSaa’dat Group

TAS Group since its establishment has made significant strides in becoming an important player in the Trading, Logistics, and Export industries. We grow to become a global leader in Trading and Transportation, Logistics provider, over the past decade, the company’s growth has reinforced its credentials as one of the Big

Our Vision

TAS Group has been consistent and unwavering, to create value and share prosperity by connecting economies through excellence in global Trading and logistics solutions, while always remaining true to our core values of transparency, consideration, relentlessness efforts , and driven. An unremitting passion for service excellence, timely and prudent investment in equipment and personnel, and the ability to listen to our clients and be flexible in delivering their needs have been the hallmark of our success.

TAS Group aim to be the only choice for our customers requiring value-added Trading, Export, logistic services,

Our Mission

Slade strives to enhance the business growth of our customers by offering the very highest quality product with our Trading / Export department and logistics

solutions based on strong local expertise, a great knowledge of products, combined with a strategically placed global presence, Customers entrust Slade as their preferred global logistics partner, heading the industry in terms of quality, experience, and reliability.


Road Salt  (De-icing Salt)

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Food Salt

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Water Softening Salt

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TAS Group mindful of the future, ever vigilant in ensuring that our operations continue to be sustainable in a world that is firmly focused on the fair and responsible use of resources in our shared environment.

We are striving towards global excellence, and in doing so, we are also firmly committed to supporting Egypt’s Vision 2030 by further strengthening its position as a regional Trading and logistics hub. We contribute to the sustainable expansion of global trade by leveraging our skills and know-how in international markets. Abu ElSaa’dat Group invests heavily in the training and development of homegrown talent to nurture tomorrow’s leaders who are capable of driving the company’s journey forward.

“Tamer AbuElSaa’dat (CEO)